The Buzz around Slumber Tribe

We are super happy about the progress of Slumber Tribe sleepover party hire in such a short period of time. Below are some of the comments and buzz around town or you can check out our social media feed click here



"A MELBOURNE mum has launched a pitch-perfect small business of indoor teepees, taking slumber parties to the next generation of happy campers. Motivated by her eight year old daughter’s first sleepover, former fashion production manager and trends consultant, Fiona Millar, 48 from Kew, wanted to make the experience as special as possible, and was inspired by her own childhood memories." 

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Slumber party february 2017 (mandy)

"Hi, my daughter recently attended a teepee slumber party hosted by you guys. She hasn't stopped raving about it since ! She has now taken her mattress off her bed & is using a sheet strung between 2 chairs & no longer wants to sleep on her bed lol !!"

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"Hi Fiona, the sleepover party was amazing. All of the girls absolutely loved having their own teepee to sleep in. None of them had ever experienced a sleepover party like this, so it was a very special night. The birthday girl felt very special. The colours were so bright and our whole back room looked magical. I have highly recommended slumbertribe to other families. The 10th Birthday will be one to remember."

SLUMBER PARTY January 2017 (marissa D)

"We hastily booked a party - possibly the easiest kids birthday I've hosted so far because everything I needed was dropped off and collected. All I had to do was make a few pizzas and set out some chocolate and lollies. The best bit by far though was seeing what a great time the kids had and the memories they were making together."


"I could not recommend Slumber Tribe enough. We hired these for my daughter's birthday in February. The girls all had the best time - I didn't have to organise anything to keep them amused as the tents were a party in themselves. The extra thoughtful accessories like the tea lights, blankets and tables really made it all complete. Cost effective fun party idea - you can't go wrong."


A message from Mia's Auntie..."Dear Mia. Happy 10th Birthday. Can't wait to have many more sleepover parties. We had such a fun night and the mattress was so comfy on the cold marble hard floor." 


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