Creating the happiest teepee sleepovers is easy!

Our distinctly styled set ups provide the host a canvas to add a personal touch to the party Leaving the teepees clear allows room for each kid, sleeping pillow and most often a bedtime softy, if you start filling it with novelty items it really becomes clumsy for the guests. A balloon installation, a decorated party food table, and some thoughtful party favors work to complement beautifully. Essentially less is more, that goes for the sugar also! you can create a happy sleepover party environment with pleasantly comfortable teepees for sleeping as well as a suitable craft activity, games or movie viewing they just don't need all the extra stuff that essentially clutters the space. using the trays for eating some basics like the typical pizza and pancakes and movie time popcorn and treats is something they all look forward to, and having room to do this makes far more practical. I We use small tealight jars and lanterns for the kids that need a little light for sleeping, while others need the darkness they can pop them inside the teepee with them. 

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Going The Extra Mile

Sometimes we come across Mums and Dads (mostly Mums) that really hit it out of the park with their kids Slumber Party efforts. We loved this recent slumber party tea party so much that we simply had to post it on our Slumber Tribe blog.  Amazing effort that we were proud to be a part of.

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Happy New Year from Slumber Tribe

We are taking a well deserved break until the second week of January 2018 so we thought it wise to get a thank you post sorted.

To all of the wonderful mums and dads that hosted our slumber parties during 2017 - thank you for making it another great year for us. It is truly satisfying to participate in so many slumber parties and contribute to so many amazing memories.  

See you all in 2018 for your next slumber party and thanks again. From the Slumber Tribe team


Celebrating our first birthday @ Slumber Tribe

What an amazing year we've had at Slumber Tribe. To the many families and children across Melbourne that have enjoyed our slumber parties and spread the word about our service - thank you! We regularly get to see genuine excitement and joy and that feedback is without a doubt the most satisfying part of what we do. So thank you to all the Melbourne Slumber Tribe kids and we look forward to throwing many more sleepover parties in the year ahead.

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Slumber Party Tips

Having participated in and hired equipment to hundreds of slumber parties across Melbourne in the last year, it would be fair to say that we have learnt some key elements to hosting a great sleepover party. So here are a few things you should consider BEFORE sending out the invites.....

1. Know the kids that you intend on inviting to the slumber party. Inviting kids that are you are unfamiliar with (and that are unfamiliar with you) can create problems. Some have special requirements, likes, dislikes etc and it pays to know what you are up for. 

2. Set a time for sleep. A room full of over excited youngsters that are jacked up on sugar can stay up all night at a sleepover if left to their own devices. Yes we come across countless slumber parties where kids aged around 10 have stayed awake pretty much all night. Its a lot of fun for the kids BUT they are still quite young and the reality is that if they don't get any sleep they (and their parents) will pay for it for many days after. We find that 8 years olds can have plenty of fun with a sleep time of around 10.30 (with lights out a while prior). You can probably add 30 to 45 mins more for each year older than 8. So for example 12 year olds can probably handle a 12.30 curfew sleep time. 

3. Have a good long think about the right sleepover party size for your circumstances. If there are two parents present then handling 7 to 10 kids is possible - assuming of course that you have the space and mental strength to survive. However if only one parent is present then we recommend keeping the slumber party to no more than 6 kids. Of course age has a lot to do with it. Younger kids need more supervision. 

4. Plan the food supplies to provide the right balance of real food and party food. Yes its a party and an occasion to be liberal on dietary standards but if the kids eat and drink absolute junk from the start to end they won't feel great. Just carefully disperse some healthy options (chocolate strawberries are a winner, watermelon etc) a few minutes before you bring out the less healthy stuff. 

Hopefully these observations will give you something to consider before jumping in. 

Cheers Fi

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This is why we love creating slumber tribe parties

At times every business owner experiences highs and lows.  However, when a customer takes time to pen a thank you - well it makes it all worthwhile. One of the many joys of Slumber Tribe is knowing that we are part of creating so many happy memories for kids and families across Melbourne. This one was very thoughtful so we wanted to share it. 

"Hi Fiona,

If the success of your business was measured in laughter, ear to ear grins, squeals of delight and the joy of a quiet snuggle in your very own tepee you could not have achieved any greater success. As you would know from being a mother, even though you work hard to make every party a success, some just exceed even your own expectations. Not for any reason that is obvious, they are just divine and extra special. Miss 11's Tribal Princess party was just that- the girls were all gorgeous, they completely lost themselves in dreamcatcher making, giggled as they roasted marshmallows to make s’mores and slept beautifully in their own little tepees. Saying ‘Thank you” for your significant contribution to all of the above, doesn’t even come close to being adequate but I’m hoping that as you are a mum you will just get it and know how I am feeling. 

You deserve incredible success and joy from what you have created.

Go girl go!"

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What's in a name?

Nothing says "welcome to my slumber party" better than a custom name plate hanging on our beautifully prepared Slumber Tribe teepee. Our customers are often surprised (delighted) when they open their slumber party hire tub to find name plates for each teepee and a chalk pen. It also allows the host to plan sleeping arrangements in advance which makes everyone feel more welcome and comfortable at the sleepover party.