Creating the best party favors for your slumber party!

Each week I get to meet and work with my beautiful clients (yes you are all amazing to me!) helping them create the best of slumber parties in Melbourne being able to come up with special details and touches for my client by sourcing or create it myself. These days are special for our kids and parents, the memories and joy that come from hosting a simple slumber party or a mega sleepover with Slumber Tribe you are guaranteed the best in the business, professional service, styling and quality bespoke equipment and gifts.

Its the extra details that guarantee a slumber party super awesome fun and memorable for your child and friends, I love nothing more than helping you with these special details. For example this weeks Palm Beach Slumber Party required a special party bag as the guests had all recently received a Mini Sunjellies basket in Dec so I came up with this little reusable pouch, made by Slumber Tribe filled with treats of your choice. So many other ways to use them, these are a few I though of, bathers and googles when heading for a swim, toiletries, those tiny little toys that our kids love to collect…..I’m sure you can all think of one that you would use it for.

Look forward to creating more of these cute pouches soon, at between $8 - $10 each you to can have your very own to suit your style and theme.

Fiona X


Sunjellies make the perfect mini basket for party favour gift bags

Slumber Tribe is so proud to be able to exclusively supply these gorgeous mini retro baskets to our slumber party customers. We think they are a brilliant way to make up sleepover party favour and gift bags with many colours to choose from to suit your Slumber Tribe theme. I popped down to Kmart today and was able to put together very easily some fun items and examples to fill these divine baskets all for under $20 each, incl the baskets as shown in these pics! Available to Slumber Tribe teepee party packages Sunjellies mini retro bags are $15 each with purchases for slumber party bookings of 4+ at just $12 each. Please go to to see more of the original jelly bag co. shoes, totes and baskets for everyone!

The Unicorn Party styling made easy

The Unicorn teepee sleepover party is the most requested theme at Slumber Tribe. We have styled unicorn parties with many of our themes Tribal Princess for the glam pink unicorn styling, Sorbet Dreams for the bright and colourful and our new Unicorns Love Rainbows, a rainbow soft fabric with pretty white dots. You can create a fabulous unicorn sleepover party yourself by adding a unicorn cake/cupcakes and cookies like these pictured from mylittlecookieco Insta, FB, these cookies are conveniently baked and packaged and posted to your door. The best table styling items are found at and extra’s like Slumber Tribes pretty flower unicorn headbands at $8 will have the girls ready for photo booth fun that also create plenty of imagination play for the slumber party with unicorn pencil cases/purses available soon which are inexpensive novelty party favour. Contact us at to arrange your daughters Unicorn Teepee Sleepover or Slumber Party.

Creating the happiest teepee sleepovers is easy!

Our distinctly styled set ups provide the host a canvas to add a personal touch to the party Leaving the teepees clear allows room for each kid, sleeping pillow and most often a bedtime softy, if you start filling it with novelty items it really becomes clumsy for the guests. A balloon installation, a decorated party food table, and some thoughtful party favors work to complement beautifully. Essentially less is more, that goes for the sugar also! you can create a happy sleepover party environment with pleasantly comfortable teepees for sleeping as well as a suitable craft activity, games or movie viewing they just don't need all the extra stuff that essentially clutters the space. using the trays for eating some basics like the typical pizza and pancakes and movie time popcorn and treats is something they all look forward to, and having room to do this makes far more practical. I We use small tealight jars and lanterns for the kids that need a little light for sleeping, while others need the darkness they can pop them inside the teepee with them. 

sorbet dreams teepees for sleepover party hire

Going The Extra Mile

Sometimes we come across Mums and Dads (mostly Mums) that really hit it out of the park with their kids Slumber Party efforts. We loved this recent slumber party tea party so much that we simply had to post it on our Slumber Tribe blog.  Amazing effort that we were proud to be a part of.

slumber party hire tea party for kids melbourne at slumber tribe

Happy New Year from Slumber Tribe

We are taking a well deserved break until the second week of January 2018 so we thought it wise to get a thank you post sorted.

To all of the wonderful mums and dads that hosted our slumber parties during 2017 - thank you for making it another great year for us. It is truly satisfying to participate in so many slumber parties and contribute to so many amazing memories.  

See you all in 2018 for your next slumber party and thanks again. From the Slumber Tribe team


Celebrating our first birthday @ Slumber Tribe

What an amazing year we've had at Slumber Tribe. To the many families and children across Melbourne that have enjoyed our slumber parties and spread the word about our service - thank you! We regularly get to see genuine excitement and joy and that feedback is without a doubt the most satisfying part of what we do. So thank you to all the Melbourne Slumber Tribe kids and we look forward to throwing many more sleepover parties in the year ahead.

slumber tribe first birthday