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Host an amazing Kids Slumber Party

So you've agreed to host a kids slumber party and now the panic sets in. Managing a handful of other peoples kids through the night at a slumber party can seem pretty daunting the first time you try. The good news is that with a little planning you can create an amazing slumber party experience that your child will remember forever. Read our blog here "Tips for an Awesome Kids Slumber Party"

Slumber Tribe are the experts in kids slumber parties. We cater for parties of all sizes, boys and girls and service the Melbourne region. We are constantly innovating and improving with new designs, fabrics, extras and games that will make your next slumber party a truly memorable event. Don't waste time and money finding and buying your own bedding and dealing with the hassle of cleaning. Slumber Tribe will handle everything for you so that you focus on the fun. 

Contact us today for all of your kids slumber party hire and sleepover party hire needs. We service all Metro Melbourne. or call 0390126012