This is why we love creating slumber tribe parties

At times every business owner experiences highs and lows.  However, when a customer takes time to pen a thank you - well it makes it all worthwhile. One of the many joys of Slumber Tribe is knowing that we are part of creating so many happy memories for kids and families across Melbourne. This one was very thoughtful so we wanted to share it. 

"Hi Fiona,

If the success of your business was measured in laughter, ear to ear grins, squeals of delight and the joy of a quiet snuggle in your very own tepee you could not have achieved any greater success. As you would know from being a mother, even though you work hard to make every party a success, some just exceed even your own expectations. Not for any reason that is obvious, they are just divine and extra special. Miss 11's Tribal Princess party was just that- the girls were all gorgeous, they completely lost themselves in dreamcatcher making, giggled as they roasted marshmallows to make s’mores and slept beautifully in their own little tepees. Saying ‘Thank you” for your significant contribution to all of the above, doesn’t even come close to being adequate but I’m hoping that as you are a mum you will just get it and know how I am feeling. 

You deserve incredible success and joy from what you have created.

Go girl go!"

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