New Slumber Party Dreamcatcher Kits

We seem to be booking lots of slumber parties for the bigger kids and teenagers so we've decided its time to expand the Slumber Tribe product range to better cater for them. Its worth also pointing out that our Slumber Tribe slumber party hire mattresses are 160cm long and based on the averages that caters for boys and girls up to 14 years of age. Anyway we've just added a new dreamcatcher kit that is designed for the bigger kids from say 11 and up or younger kids with parents assistance. Given that kids slumber parties tend to be about five children we don't think planning for extensive parental assistance for each child at the slumber party is the best idea. So in short just buy the the dreamcatcher kit for the bigger kids and leave the junior kit for ages 10 and below.  The kits are all beautiful and well tested by us at Slumber Tribe. Check out our slumber party extras page for more details 

slumber tribe slumber party hire dreamcatcher big kids