Creating the happiest teepee sleepovers is easy!

Our distinctly styled set ups provide the host a canvas to add a personal touch to the party Leaving the teepees clear allows room for each kid, sleeping pillow and most often a bedtime softy, if you start filling it with novelty items it really becomes clumsy for the guests. A balloon installation, a decorated party food table, and some thoughtful party favors work to complement beautifully. Essentially less is more, that goes for the sugar also! you can create a happy sleepover party environment with pleasantly comfortable teepees for sleeping as well as a suitable craft activity, games or movie viewing they just don't need all the extra stuff that essentially clutters the space. using the trays for eating some basics like the typical pizza and pancakes and movie time popcorn and treats is something they all look forward to, and having room to do this makes far more practical. I We use small tealight jars and lanterns for the kids that need a little light for sleeping, while others need the darkness they can pop them inside the teepee with them. 

sorbet dreams teepees for sleepover party hire