Creating the best party favors for your slumber party!

Each week I get to meet and work with my beautiful clients (yes you are all amazing to me!) helping them create the best of slumber parties in Melbourne being able to come up with special details and touches for my client by sourcing or create it myself. These days are special for our kids and parents, the memories and joy that come from hosting a simple slumber party or a mega sleepover with Slumber Tribe you are guaranteed the best in the business, professional service, styling and quality bespoke equipment and gifts.

Its the extra details that guarantee a slumber party super awesome fun and memorable for your child and friends, I love nothing more than helping you with these special details. For example this weeks Palm Beach Slumber Party required a special party bag as the guests had all recently received a Mini Sunjellies basket in Dec so I came up with this little reusable pouch, made by Slumber Tribe filled with treats of your choice. So many other ways to use them, these are a few I though of, bathers and googles when heading for a swim, toiletries, those tiny little toys that our kids love to collect…..I’m sure you can all think of one that you would use it for.

Look forward to creating more of these cute pouches soon, at between $8 - $10 each you to can have your very own to suit your style and theme.

Fiona X